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This section contains anecdotes and articles about Gottses, to put some flesh on the bones.

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Emigration to Canada and USA

In 1850's, 1860's many Gottses emigrated from Norfolk to Canada and USA. This story shows the effect on East Ruston village

Stories 2

Dorthea Gotts child emigrant to USA

Dorothea was put in a Barnado's home and sent to Canada by them


Stories 3

Mrs Mary Ann Gotts (Wife of Boaz Gotts of East Ruston)

She was a Sunday school teacher in East Ruston for many years. Read the transcript of her obituary


Stories 4

Happisburgh Sunday School verses

Lamenting the loss of families from the village in 1860s

Stories 4

The sinking of SS Gibraltar/CSS Sumter and Thomas 1865 Gotts

Ex Confederate ship sinksin the North Sea in 1867



Looking for his brother who was a POW in Singapore in WW2

George trying to find his brother, and Arthur's comrade both looking for him


Stories 6

Monkeys in Gt Yarmouth

Stories 6

Henry Shearman-Davenport family in Essex/Hackney

Who's who in the wedding photo?


Stories 6

A Gotts reunion for Robert and Susan Padget

Reunion of the US branch in Bad Axe, Michigan


Stories 7

Edwardian life in London of Frank Alfred 1666

Read about family life in 1900 London


Stories 8

Gt Yarmouth Bridge disaster 1845

82 die watching a clown. Alice and her daughter Alice died when the bridge collapsed with 60 children drowning having seen the clown


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